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Fluctuating Pressure on ACQUITY H-Class when starting a gradient - WKB3189

Article number: 3189


  • As the gradient is applied, pressure fluctuations increase with the increase of solvent B


  • ACQUITY H-Class
  • ACQUITY Quaternary Solvent Manager (QSM)


Air in solvent line B.


  1. Manually prime line B.
    1. Open the instrument's front door.
    2. Follow the stainless steel solvent vent tubing from port 4 on the vent valve and lift it from the drip tray.
    3. Connect the syringe assembly with the adapter and tubing from the start-up kit to the solvent vent tubing you just lifted.
    4. In the ACQUITY UPLC console, select the QSM from the system tree.
    5. From the QSM window, click Control > Prime Solvents.
    6. Select solvent line B.
    7. Specify five minutes in the time box.
    8. Slowly withdraw the syringe plunger to pull solvent through the solvent path. When solvent flows out the vent tube without bubbles, the path is primed.
    9. Remove the syringe from the vent tubing and reinsert into the drip tray.
  2. Once primed, monitor the pressure at a flow rate that achieves 10,000 psi until the delta pressure is <10%, and then continue with normal use.



pressure ripple

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