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How do I manually prime the ACQUITY Quaternary Solvent Manager? - WKB6163

Article number: 6163


Manually prime the ACQUITY Quaternary Solvent Manager (QSM).


  • ACQUITY Quaternary Solvent Manager (QSM)
  • ACQUITY H-Class


  1. Find the surgical-style piece of tubing (WAT025559) that came in the startup kit for the Quaternary Solvent Manager (QSM). 
  2. Find the plastic 30-mL syringe (WAT270949) that came in the startup kit for the QSM.
  3. Attach the tubing to the end of the syringe.
  4. Attach the other end of the tubing to the stainless steel vent line on the QSM that runs from the valve at the top-right of the pump to the drain at the bottom front-right corner.
  5. Go to the ACQUITY console and start priming the line that needs to be used.
  6. Once the pump starts running, manually draw back on the syringe's plunger to help draw fluid through the pump.
  7. Once fluid enters the syringe, disconnect the surgical tubing from the vent line, and let the vent line run back into the drain.
  8. This should have primed the pump. You can now choose other lines from the console for priming, with no need to reattach the surgical tubing to the vent line.



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