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What is "normalized mode" on a 2475 or ACQUITY FLR? - WKB29076

Article number: 29076


  • 2475 Multi-Wavelength Fluorescence Detector.
  • ACQUITY UPLC FLR Detector.


Emission mode is normalized, and Energy mode is un-normalized. In normalized mode, the signal is set to give a specific response based on the Raman band of water. In this mode, the gain selection has no effect at lower base settings. Use this mode (selected in the instrument method for a 2475 or ACQUITY FLR in data mode) when a customer has multiple FLR detectors to give a more uniform response.


Energy mode reflects the wider differences in PMT response. In Energy mode, you will notice a gain effect at lower base settings. This mode is similar to how the 474 operated.

Emission data units output are normalized, so gain change events may not be apparent in the chromatogram as far as peak size. You may see a baseline blip when the event occurs, if baseline is not maintained with an auto zero. Select energy instead of emission in order to see larger or smaller peaks when using gain change events.

CRI-3150 has been created to disable the PMT Gain selection when in Emission mode in the FLR Instrument Method.

2475, 2475B, photomultplier tube, UPFLRARC, UPFLRDET, UPPFLR

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