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What is the orderable part number for 289002078 - ASSY, FRIT, 0.2µm, 2.1mm for the ACQUITY UPLC column's in-line filter unit? - WKB23403

Article number: 23403


  • UPLC
  • Pre-column filter
  • 289002078


700002775 - KIT, FRIT AND NUT, 0.2UM, 2.1MM, PKG 5 - This option includes five end nuts and five replacement filters. End nuts are included because sometimes the filter is difficult to remove from the end nut and it can get stuck in the end nut when trying to change the filter. So, it can be difficult to replace the filter without an additional end nut. 

700005698 - KIT, FRIT ONLY, 0.2UM, 12PK - This option includes a 12-pack of replacement filters. This can be ordered if end fittings are not also required.

205000343 - ACQUITY UPLC Col. In-Line Filter Kit - This is the full kit including the end nuts, filters and holder.

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