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What is a BPR ( Back Pressure regulator) ? - WKB15363

Article number: 15363


  • BPR ( Back Pressure regulator)
  • LC Detectors


BPR is like a spring that allows flow to go by it, but creates a back pressure on the tubing coming from the detector.

Its purpose is to maintain pressure on the flow cell to prevent the accumulation of bubbles.


The BPRs should only be used on the last detector in the flow path; the exception is the ELSD. See KB article 15358 - Does the ELSD detector need a BPR ( Back Pressure regulator) ?

This is because there is too much band spreading that would be caused if the BPR were used between detectors. Also, the tubing between the two detectors (not the BPR ) and the flow cell of the second detector would generate enough back pressure, making the BPR unnecessary. 

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