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What is the 'Double-Click' method for I-Class SM-FL? - WKB13176

Article number: 13176


  • ACQUITY UPLC Sample Manager
  • SM-FL
  • SM


The 'Double-Click' is used to reduce carryover in the next injection when using the Partial Loop Needle Overfill (PLNO) injection mode. This is performed using the event function "cycle inject valve" within an instrument/inlet method.

  • After injection and cleaning of the valve and sampling mechanism there is a part of the valve that is not cleaned (Noted in RED between port 1 and port 2).
  • By actuating the valve during the run the material is pushed into the sample loop and then ‘injected’ during the end of the gradient (high organic part of the gradient).
  • This cleans the face / surfaces of the rotor/stator and this material is washed off the column at high organic mobile phase composition.


  • An event table is used to generate a ‘double-click’ valve method using the "cycle inject valve" event function.
  • This function only has an appreciable impact on carryover when using the default Partial Loop Needle Overfill (PLNO) injection mode.  It has no significant effect on carryover when using the Partial Loop Pressure Assist (PLPA) injection mode.


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