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How do you change the needle wash time and needle placement/depth on an H-Class system controlled by Empower 3? - WKB12974

Article number: 12974


  • H-Class UPLC System
  • Empower 3


Needle wash:

In Instrument Method, select ACQ-FTN at the top of the page. In the general tab, Pre-Inject and Post-Inject Wash are on the left-hand side. The Post-Inject Wash rinses the outside of the needle after an injection (this helps with carryover). The Pre-Inject Wash rinses the needle before the needle moves down to the inject position. This wash removes particles on the outside of the needle that could damage the needle seal. 

Needle placement:

To change how far down the needle moves into the vial, click on the Advanced button in the general tab. Select the Needle Placement box. You can now enter a depth. Note that if the needle depth is not configured correctly, the needle may crash. The help menu provides more information about the Automatic setting, which differs depending on which vial type is configured in Empower.


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