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How to qualify a system with a second detector when using SQT - WKB12732

Article number: 12732


Qualify a system with a second detector when using SQT.


  • ACQUITY UPLC Systems with multiple detectors.
  • Empower SystemsQT (Systems Qualification Tool).


There are many cases where a customer has a system with more than one detector. Follow this protocol if the qualification project does not contain both detectors in the system configuration.

  1. Create a system in Empower with the primary detector and perform the full suite of system qualification tests on that primary detector.  
  2. Create a system in Empower with the secondary detector plumbed in series and rerun the SQT, selecting only the OQ tests appropriate to the second detector. (This includes the system precision test.)


  • Keep tubing lengths as short as possible between the primary and secondary detectors.
  • Adjust retention times in the processing methods. A single detector SQT does not account for the extra volume.
  • Any changes to the processing method require a comment when saving and must be documented in the SQT documentation.

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