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Alliance "Unable to compress" during static decay test - WKB12683

Article number: 12683


  • Erratic pressure (high delta psi)
  • New seals, plungers, and check valves on both accumulator and primary
  • Primary torpedo recently replaced
  • Accumulator passes static decay test, or "accumulator leak rate too high" error message appears
  • "Primary unable to compress" error message appears during static decay test


  • Alliance HPLC system
  • 2695 separations module


Worn fittings on tubing from accumulator check valve housing to transducer and on tubing from prime/vent valve to inline filter


  1. Turn off GPV.
  2. Press DIAG key.
  3. Select OTHER TESTS.
  4. Select TURN OFF GPV. 
  5. Replace tubing from accumulator check valve housing to transducer. 
  6. Replace tubing from prime/vent valve to inline filter. 
  7. Turn on GPV.
  8. Press DIAG key.
  9. Select OTHER TESTS.
  10. Select TURN ON GPV.
  11. Prime all solvent lines.
  12. Perform static decay test.
  13. Press DIAG key.
  14. Select OTHER TESTS.
  15. Select STATIC DECAY TEST and follow on-screen instructions.
  16. Set flow and monitor delta psi.

actuator, gradient proportioning valve, pressure fluctuation, pressure ripple

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