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Lamp data not found, System not calibrated, method not found errors on 2487 - WKB1236

Article number: 1236


     The following errors appear when the detector is powered on:

  •   Lamp data not found.
  •   System not calibrated.
  •   Method not found

The IEEE address is reset to the default value of 4.


  • 2487 Dual-Wavelength Absorbance Detector


 The battery is dead or weak.


  1. Replace the 3V lithium battery (Waters part number WAT080443). The battery is located on the CPU board, so observe proper safety measures when replacing it, or contact a certified Waters Field Service engineer to replace it. 
  2. Manually calibrate the detector by pressing Shift +3 while the flow is on, and then reset the IEEE address.

         Link to Battery


To set or change an IEEE-488 address:

  1. Press CONFIGURE (Shift DIAG) on the 2487 Detector keypad. The first configuration screen containing the current IEEE-488 address appears.
  2. Key in the desired IEEE-488 address.
  3. Press Enter. The IEEE-488 address is entered immediately (power reset is not required).
  4. Press Next to move to the next configuration screen or press HOME to return to the Absorbance screen.

id1236, 2487

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