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Column Manager - Active Error: Column x door open while running - WKB11398

Article number: 11398


  • Column Manager - Active produces an error message stating: "Column 1 door open while running" or "Column 2 door open while running".
    • The error occurs exactly one minute into the run.
    • Runtime programmed to one minute or less on the CM, the error disappeared and the run proceeded normally.
      • Bypassed the timeout on the door open message in runtime programming to work around the error message.
  • Active preheater still does not achieve the programmed set point temperature of the selected column.


  • Column Manager - Active
  • Auxiliary Column Manager - Active


Column trough cover had a stripped screw in the upper left-hand corner. This caused the insulated portion of the assembly to pull away from the magnet sensor.


  1. Replace the column trough cover assembly.
    • Column Module Front Trough Cover (700005439)


  • The magnet is located on the column trough cover. The read sensor is located internally within the dual column trough assembly.
  • Closing the compartment trough cover engages a magnet switch that turns on the 24v to the active preheater.  
  • The active preheater operates at the set point temperature of the selected column position when the trough compartment cover is closed.


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