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Lamp hours will not reset after replacing UV lamp on ACQUITY PDA detector - WKB10400

Article number: 10400


    New "high brightness lamp" installed. Lamp is not fitted with the chip. Lamp hours in console software did not reset Maintain > Change Lamp is no longer available under the maintain menu for the PDA in console software.


    ACQUITY PDA (Thermally controlled ACQUITY UV Detector) High Brightness Lamp (201000281). ACQUITY Driver Pack 4 (Firmware 1.60).


When installing a new lamp without a chip into these detectors, the lamp hours do not zero correctly and the hours become cumulative with that of the previous lamp.


    When lamp hours cannot be reset to zero, hours on new lamp start their count from the hours on the current lamp. Prior to installing new lamp, record serial number of new lamp and the lamp hours on the current lamp. In order to determine the hours of use for the current lamp, you must subtract the lamp hours of any previously installed lamps.

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