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Lamp hours do not reset on an ACQUITY UPLC TUV detector - WKB1570

Article number: 1570


  • Installation of new lamp fitted with the chip. Lamp hours in ACQUITY console software not reset. Maintain > Change Lamp is no longer available under the maintain menu for the PDA in console software.


  • Thermally controlled ACQUITY UPLC PDA
  • ACQUITY  UPLC eLambda PDA Detector
  • ACQUITY UPLC Tunable UV Detector
  • MassLynx 4.2


  • Defect in the firmware
  • Documented in tracker 26129 & 26130


  1. Update the firmware to version 1.6.
  2. If firmware update is not possible, perform the workaround below to get the lamp hours working properly:
    1. Power down detector
    2. Un-plug the flowcell ID cable
    3. Reboot PC/Lace or use stop ACQUITY Processes command
    4. Power up detector>
    5. Open console for PDA and the change lamp function should now be working.
    6. Plug the flowcell ID cord back in.
  3. If customer does not allow Lace reboot, change the lamp.


  • The flow cell ID function may not work after execution of workaround.
    • Contact Waters Technical Service at 888-292-8377

This issue is avoidable if the lamp with ID chip is present in this detector. (Part number 201000273)

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