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Instrument status is "Not available" with AB Sciex Analyst and ACQUITY H-Class - WKB3828

Article number: 3828


  • When user tries to start any method, the status shows the system as "Not available". See screen shot below:

  • Under regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Waters\Instruments\ACQ-AAO\ServiceSettings > the SerializedObjects is missing.



An incompatible security mode is being used with Analyst DP4 SR1 (v1.65).

Driver Pack 4 Supplemental Release 1 (DP4SR1) is not compatible with Integrated mode.


  1. Switch from Integrated mode (which uses the Windows login) to Mixed mode (which requires a login to Analyst and the ACQUITY method editor).
  2. To check the security mode:

a. Log in to Analyst.

b. Click on Configure.

c. Click on Security contents, and then click More.

d. Check the modes.


There are three security modes available in Analyst software:

1. Mixed mode - requires a login to Analyst each time and a one-time (per user) login to ACQUITY control

2. Integrated mode - uses the Windows login and does not require additional login to Analyst or ACQUITY control

3. Single-user mode - turns security off. No login and no user-specified roles or privileges

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