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"[NG14570] Unknown database error" occurs when restoring/previewing data or when archiving files to NuGenesis SDMS - WKB6599

Article number: 6599


  • When printing data to a Managed Storage project, or when copying/moving records between projects via SDMS WebVision, the process may fail with an error message, or the files may be on the wrong FTP site.
  • When archiving files to a Managed Storage project, some or all of the files may remain in the TE_TEMP folder with the "mark_bad" file extension and the error "[NG14570] Unknown database error" in the log files.


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS
  • NuGenesis 9 SDMS


The NuGenesis server software maintains a cache of Managed Storage locations. The cache is indexed only by the host name. If two MS locations have the same host name but a different port number, the software may use the wrong entry from the cache.


1. Disable the Managed Storage locations cache by adding the following registry key to the NuGenesis file capture server:

For NuGenesis 8 SDMS:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\NuGenesis Technologies Corp.\NuGenesis\8.0\config
  • Name: DisableMStoreCache
  • Type: REG_BINARY
  • Data: 01

For NuGenesis 9 SDMS:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\NuGenesis Technologies Corp.\NuGenesis\Config
  • Name: DisableMStoreCache
  • Type: REG_BINARY
  • Data: 01

2. Restart the NuGenesis RPC 8.0 service on the file capture server.


Defect CRI-712 was filed for this issue.  The issue was fixed in NuGenesis 9.0.2.

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