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No Excel or Smart Builder configuration details in the NuGenesis LMS Template Configuration report - WKB61237

Article number: 61237


  • When running the Template Configuration report for an LMS document template, one or more of the Excel and Smart Builder settings are selected for inclusion in the report, but the HTML and/or XML output files do not include the Excel and Smart Builder details
  • The Template Configuration report does display full details for other LMS document templates
  • The following error message appears in the LMS client's product.log file for each time that the template config report is generated for the template:
    • ERROR CMN [(null)] - User: username, Class: OfficeUtils, Method: xlWorksheetIsEmpty, Message: Out of present range. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8002000A (DISP_E_OVERFLOW)), Date: Exception occured.


  • NuGenesis 9 LMS
  • NuGenesis 8 LMS


One or more of the Excel sections in the template includes an excessive amount of cells with formatting and/or cell values.  Excel records the used range as extending to the boundaries of the worksheet, and when LMS accesses the used range, the range size is too large for the configuration report.


Follow the instructions in article 50873 to reduce the size of each Excel section in the LMS document template



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