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What are the archive bit and the Ignore Achive Bit (IAB) option in NuGenesis archive templates? - WKB60628

Article number: 60628


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS.


The archive bit is a flag set in the file system that SDMS can use to determine if a file has changed and is eligible for capture. If the archive bit is not useful for a particular OS or file system, SDMS can detect changes to a file by maintaining its own database of file modification times. With Reset Archive Bit, the system turns off the archive bit once the files have been archived. With Ignore Archive Bit, it remains on.

Ignore Archive Bit (IAB):                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The system uses the date/time stamp of the file to determine if it has changed. Data will be captured if the modification date is higher than the EVS dates. IAB uses a high-water-mark file that is based on the Vendor/Product/Revision information in the FC template and the scan path in the FC template. When using IAB, you need to go to the Drive:\Program Files (x86)\NuGenesis 8.0\EVS\NugEVSDates folder and find a file that corresponds to the path you're looking for.


If not using IAB, Support recommends that you select both "Reset Archive Bit" and "Do not Archive if cannot Reset Archive Bit".

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