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Print jobs sent to NuGenesis UNIFY printers through Citrix sessions are not processed - WKB49311

Article number: 49311


  • Users access applications on a Citrix server through a Citrix client connection and print reports from those applications to NuGenesis UNIFY printers installed on the Citrix server
  • Print jobs from those users are not processed
  • The print jobs clear the UNIFY printer queue
  • A .mark_bad file is created in the NuGenesis TE_TEMP folder for the print job
  • The .mark_bad file contains the following error message:
    • [SDMSTransportEngineDetail]
      ErrorString1=2:1:2834:Server name is blank


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS
  • Citrix XenApp versions as supported for use with NuGenesis 8


One or more users were connected to the Citrix server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) while users were connected and printing via Citrix clients.


  1. Log off all users who may be logged in to the Citrix servers via RDP. Normal operation of NuGenesis UNIFY will resume when there are no RDP connections.
  2. The .mark_bad files, if present, will be moved into NuGenesis at a later time; or, users can re-print their reports.
  3. Do not allow users to RDP into Citrix servers while users are printing via Citrix clients.
    • Schedule maintenance work that requires RDP for server downtime or off-business hours, OR
    • Use a non-RDP remote control solution, such as VNC, to access the Citrix servers during peak hours. VNC does not have this effect on the UNIFY printers.


Defect CRI-81 was filed for this issue.

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