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How to change a large number of NuGenesis mark_bad file extensions to NGD - WKB24380

Article number: 24380


Change a large group of .mark_bad files in NuGenesis TE_Temp to .NGD file extensions.


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS


  1. Open a command prompt with admin rights.
  2. Change directory to the TE_TEMP folder.
    • Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\NuGenesis 8.0\TE_TEMP
  3. Enter the command:  rename *.mark_bad *.NGD


A large number of .mark_bad file extensions can appear in TE_Temp for any number of reasons. Unless the original issue is identified and fixed, renaming the files back to *.NGD will not resolve the problem. The files may revert back to *.mark_bad. Follow the instructions in the linked article to identify the error messages, and then search for the error messages within this knowledge base for help with the specific error.

The files will be uploaded to NuGenesis, if left alone and given enough time (and presuming that the error has been resolved). *.Mark_bad files take more time to upload because the RPC service looks for these files far less frequently than it looks for *.NGD files. The intent behind this design is to give the error condition enough time to be noticed and resolved. This process makes the *.mark_bad files candidates for uploading to NuGenesis on the next scan for *.NGD files, which occurs every 5 seconds, rather than waiting for the next scan for *.mark_bad files.

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