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How to determine the printing application name from reports printed to NuGenesis - WKB18043

Article number: 18043


Determine the name of the application that printed a report to NuGenesis, so that the name can be used in UNIFY font replacements or UNIFY driver options.


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS


  1. The name is visible in the UNIFY Tag dialog box, if the report can be reprinted and UNIFY is in Manual mode.
  2. The name is recorded in the record metadata in the Printed By column. (This column may not be visible in custom views. In that case, open the Default View of the project in order to see this column.


If the Printed By name is "Microsoft  Windows  Operating  System", the report was printed by a 32-bit application on the 64-bit Windows system. By default, the UNIFY driver cannot get the name of the printing application in this scenario. A patch is available in the "Power of 2" disc that allows UNIFY to get the printing application's name even in this scenario. Contact your Waters representative or Tech Service to get a copy of the Power of 2 disc.

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