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Where are the activity logs for the NuGenesis RPC service modules located? - WKB16886

Article number: 16886


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS


The activity logs for the NuGenesis modules are stored in two places: on-disk for the active process, in the database for old log files.

The active log files can be found in the following folders on the file capture server or servers:

  • Archive Agent: Drive:\Program Files (x86)\NuGenesis 8.0\AA
  • Data Management: Drive:\Program Files (x86)\NuGenesis 8.0\RPC
  • Transport Engine: Drive:\Program Files (x86)\NuGenesis 8.0\RPC
  • Offline Storage Manager: Drive:\Program Files (x86)\NuGenesis 8.0\RPC
  • NuGenesis OSM Service: Drive:\Program Files (x86)\NuGenesis 8.0\RPC\Plugins

Old log files are archived into the NuGenesis database. Look for them in the SDMS_System_Activities project in WebVision. Log in to WebVision with an account that can access the SDMS_System_Activities project and open the corresponding view as follows:

  • Archive Agent: File Capture Module Activities View
  • Data Management: DMM Activities
  • Transport Engine: TE Activities
  • Offline Storage Manager: OSM Activities


The on-disk log files will not be present if the corresponding module is stopped. For example, if the Archive Agent module is stopped, the NG80SDMSAAActivity.log file will not be present on disk.

Log files are archived into SDMS at each refresh cycle. By default, each module enters a refresh cycle every 60 minutes, during which time the module uploads its on-disk log file into the database, downloads the latest templates (for AA only), and resumes its normal operations. The refresh interval is configurable, up to a maximum of 12 hours.

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