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How to enable content search in NuGenesis LMS - WKB11491

Article number: 11491


This article describes how to enable content search in NuGenesis LMS.


  • NuGenesis 8 ELN SR1
  • NuGenesis 8 LMS FR1
  • NuGenesis 8 LMS SR2


  1. Log in to the LMS client and click the LMS Main Menu > Administration
  2. Click the System Configuration button
  3. Select the "System" category
  4. Check the 'Content search enabled' checkbox
  5. Click Apply and OK to close the Preferences window
  6. In the Administration page, click Section Management
  7. Open a section (Click Modify when the section is approved)
  8. Select the Renditions Tab and click 'Check OLE Renditions'
  9. Enable the CF_TEXT Rendition Format and click OK
  10. In the renditions list enter 'Content search rendition' in the description field
  11. Approve the section template
  12. Update all the document templates using the section
  13. Repeat steps 7-12 for all active sections.

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