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How do I bring data from other software packages into MassLynx? - WKB9149

Article number: 9149


To use MassLynx to view data from another manufacturer's MS.


  • MassLynx
  • DataBridge


Note: the source data must be in a format specified in DataBridge (see additional information).

  1. Click Start > All programs > MassLynx > DataBridge.
  2. Click Options to view the acceptable file types for the source data and select the appropriate type in the Source section.
  3. Click MassLynx in the Target section.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Select to browse to the source data.
  6. Click Directory to select the location for the converted file.
  7. Type the name of the converted file in the file name field.
  8. Click Convert.
  9. Click Close to exit DataBridge.
  10. Open MassLynx.
  11. Select File > Open Data File.
  12. Browse to the newly created *.raw file.
  13. Click OK.


Acceptable source file formats include LAB-BASE, NetCDF, ASCII, PDP11, OPUS, Stables OS/2.

DataBridge can convert MassLynx raw data files into NetCDF or ASCII files.

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