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Which file extensions are used by MassLynx? - WKB8659

Article number: 8659


  • MassLynx and applications


(Not an exhaustive, exclusive list)


Mass spectrometer tuning                    *.dbf (TDAT) or *.ipr (Ethernet)

Mass spectrometer acquisition             *.mdb (TDAT) or *.exp (Ethernet)

Automatic Switching Function               *.asf (TDAT)

ACQUITY Column Manager                      *.acm

ACQUITY Sample Manager (SM)              *.w2200

ACQUITY FTN Sample Manager              *.ftn

ACQUITY Solvent Manager (BSM)           *.wvhp

ACQUITY Quaternary Sample Manager  *.qsm

ACQUITY SM Flow Through Needle        *.ftn


HPLC pump control                         

*.h11 for HP1100   

*.gil for Gilson

*.szu for Shimadzu

*.w60 for Waters 600

*.wat for Waters 2695

*.w25 for Waters 1525 or 515

*.w27 for Waters 2700

*.w29 for Waters 2795

*.w60 for Waters 600 pump (old ML)

*.w96 for Waters 2796

*.j15 for Jasco 1500

*.jas for Jasco 900

*.bgm pump control for 600, 1525, 2525, 515, 2545


Inlet event logs                                       *.log


Calibration files                                   *.cal

ChroTool file                                       *.cxl

Sample list files                                    *.spl

Sample list format                                *.fmt

Raw mass spectral information           *.raw

Raw data folders contain:                     *.inf  *.dat  *.idx  *.txt

Project root                                          *.pro

Text files used in lots of applications    *.txt


TargetLynx analysis method               *.mdb

(or QuanLynx method)


MetaboLynx method file                     *.mep - in root ML directory

MetaboLynx report file                        *.rpt - in root ML directory


NeoLynx / IonLynx Test File (browser report file)   *.ntf = method file

NeoLynx / IonLynx Result Files                             *.nrf

NeoLynx / IonLynx Report Scheme                       *.nrs

NeoLynx V3.2 and V3.3 Rule files           *.rle


OpenLynx batch file                                    *.olb

OpenLynx parameters file                          *.olp 

OpenLynx status file                                  *.ols

OpenLynx report scheme files                   *.ors     

OpenLynx Browser report file                    *.rpt  

OpenLynx HPLC method parameters file   *.lca 


Shutdown method                                 *.acl

BlackBox logs (AppSight Log)              *.asl

BlackBox recording profile                    *.rpr


FractionLynx files                                   *.flp


QuanOptimize method                          *.qlm

QuanLynx Browser results file              *.qld

QuanLynx layout                                    *.qlt

QuanLynx formatting                          quanlynx.~ql    


Inlet CTC macro related file               *.pma             

Inlet CTC macro related file               *.pme 

Inlet CTC macro related file               *.pmx             

Inlet CTC related file                          *.pol   


IQ Checker report file                         *.iqc

DriftScope                                           *.rul

High Duty Cycle (HDC) lookup table    *.lue    
Created from existing data using Driftscope. Used by MassLynx method files to determine which ions to apply HDC to in acquisitions.

Driftscope rule file            *.rul    
Created from existing data using Driftscope to define a subset of ions (for example, multiply charged ions). The rule file is then used in a MassLynx mobility method to acquire only the defined subset of ions.
Protein sequence                *.fas  Open amino acid sequence file format. Used by BioLynx and Protein Lynx.
Protein sequence                *.fasta  Open amino acid sequence file format. Used by BioLynx and Protein Lynx.
Molecule structure               *.mol    Open format for defining molecular structures. Used by MetaboLynx to draw chemical structures.
Protein sequence file           *.psq    Used by BioLynx > Pepseq for sequencing DDA data.
Oligonucleotide sequence   *.oli    Used by BioLynx for sequencing oligonucleotides.
Nucleotide Sequence          *.nuc    Used by BioLynx for sequencing nucleotides.
Carbohydrate sequence      *.cbt    Used by BioLynx for sequencing oligosaccharides.
Protein probe                        *.prp    Used by ProteinLynx (not PLGS).
Text files (in MS method editor)   *.txt    Text files are used in DDA and PID methods to define include and exclude lists, charge state dependent collision energy ramps, and collision energy profiles. 
Multiple reaction monitoring MSMS method    *.mrm    Mrm files are used to define the list of transitions to be monitored by the MRM acquisition method.




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