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How to set up the ACQUITY UPLC bed layout in MassLynx - WKB83152

Article number: 83152


Set up a new bed layout in MassLynx to use the appropriate racks/plates.


  • MassLynx


  1. Open the Inlet Method Editor.
  2. Select the Acquity Sampler menu.
  3. Choose the Bed Layout option.

Bed layout menu.PNG

4. The ACQUITY Bed Layout window appears, showing the layout currently used. 

Acquity Bed Layout - current.PNG

5. Enter the name of the new bed layout, and then click the icon for New Layout.

Making new bed layout 1.PNG

6. Click OK.

7. Highlight the name of the new bed layout choice, and then go to the Edit Plates on Layout tab.

8. Edit Plates on Layout shows the currently selected plates/racks.  

Edit Plates on Layout tab 1.PNG

9. Double-click on a plate position to change plate choices.

Edit Plates on Layout - 2.PNG

10. Click OK after making the selection.

11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for each plate position.

12. Go back to the Acquity Sampler menu.

13. Choose the Bed Layout choice.

14. Ensure that the new layout is selected in the Current Layout Selected section, and then click OK.



See the attached Word document "Acquity Plate and BedLayout set up.doc" for additional details and screen shots, including how to configure new plates/racks and select positions on the new layout from the sample list.

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