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The analyte peak is not integrated in TargetLynx - WKB789

Article number: 789


  • The analyte peak is not integrated in TargetLynx
  • The IS and the first target ion are both integrated properly


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • TargetLynx


The transition listed in the TargetLynx method does not match the transition in the MS method.


  1. Click the Toggle Experimental Record icon in the TargetLynx browser.
  2. Scroll to the transition listed for the analyte, note the exact values, and then close the window.
  3. Select Edit > Method.
  4. Click the User Defined Properties icon.
  5. Confirm that the transition in the Quantification Trace field matches exactly the transition listed in the MS method. If it does not, change the TargetLynx method, and then reprocess the data.
    The change will be apply to this dataset only. To change the TargetLynx method for future use, click Edit Method from the TargetLynx window, and then make and save the change.


Several other parameters can cause this symptom and should be ruled out. They include predicted retention time, retention time window, integration window extent, and threshold values.

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