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PDA communication error - WKB748

Article number: 748


  • PDA communication error after adding 996 PDA to the system configuration


  • MassLynx
  • 2996 / 996 PDA
  • 2695
  • QTof Premier


 The MassLynx system does not recognize the IEEE address of the 996 PDA.


  1. Click Inlet Method.
  2. Select Tools > Instrument Configuration.
  3. Click Configure, and then go through the configuration wizard to the Configure Communications page.
  4. Note the IEEE address listed for the PDA.
  5. Check the IEEE address on the dip switches on the back of the PDA.
    If the address is different than in MassLynx, set it to the address shown in MassLynx.
    If the address is the same as in MassLynx, change it to a different address, and then change it back.
  6. Cycle the power on the 996, and allow the unit to initialize.
  7. Click Scan for Instruments on the Configure Communications page.
  8. Complete the configuration wizard.
  9. Select LC > Reset communications, if necessary.


Ensure that the flow cell was flushed with solvent.

Refer to the 996 PDA (WAT053021TP) or 2996 PDA (71500023202) user guide section "Setting the IEEE Address".

For information on setting dip-switch addresses, see the Empower 3 Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide (715003451) section "Setting IEEE Device Addresses".


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