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Mass Spectrometer missing from the MS console - WKB654

Article number: 654

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  • MS missing from the MS console


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • Xevo G2 XS
  • Xevo TQS
  • Xevo Qtof


System was recently in an error state and the electronics had to be rebooted. 


  1. Switch the pump override switch to the down position. This is the top toggle switch of the two in the center, right at the bottom on the back of the Xevo. You should see notification in the main MassLynx window saying pump override active. You may have to pull it out to be able to switch it.
  2. Exit MassLynx (close the tune page, inlet editor, the Console, and then MassLynx).
  3. Run stopACQUITYProcesses (C:\Program files (x86)\Waters Instruments\Bin\StopACQUITYProcesses.cmd or StopProcesses.exe).
  4. Switch the electronics breaker to the down position. This is the bottom of the two toggle switches on the back of the Xevo.
  5. Wait a minute or two – If you want, you can reboot the PC during this time. Once logged back into Windows, you can power cycle the ACQUITY.
  6. Switch the electronics breaker on at the back of the Xevo to the up position (only the bottom switch up). The PC has to be powered-on and logged in, and the ACQUITY needs to be powered-on.
  7. Wait five minutes for the epc to boot.
  8. Go into MassLynx.
  9. Open the tune page.
  10. Click View > Vacuum, and then go to the vacuum tab and ensure that you have real vacuum readings (not 1e-8 for the Tof vacuum). If not, reboot again.
  11. Switch the pump override (top) switch to the auto position (up).
  12. Put the MS into operate mode.



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