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Save option unavailable in MassLynx method editor despite significant changes to MRM method - WKB57926

Article number: 57926


  • When editing the MS Method file (EXP), the change should activate the Save icon on the toolbar, but this is not happening for all changes in MRM method. Sometimes the icon is unavailable and also not available via the File menu.
    • Deleting transitions, changing mass function acquisition times, or changing the daughter ion mass does not activate Save.  
    • Deleting or adding mass functions does activate Save.
  • If the Save icon is unavailable, then closing the file does not give any prompt to save. If you select File > Exit, changes are lost. 
  • The Save As option is always available.


  • MassLynx 4.2 SCN 986
  • Xevo TQ-S




Make a small change to the Total Run Time, and then press Enter. The save option appears.
For example, if the Total Run Time is 7.00, change to 7.001, and then press Enter.
MassLynx does not accept the 1, so the value remains 7.00, and the Save option appears.


Use Save As. When MassLynx asks if you want to overwrite the existing file, select Yes.  



PFD 21337. The problem will be fixed in SCN997.

NOTE: if this method was created from an older version of MassLynx, it is recommended to create a new MS Method in the current MassLynx version.

SCN986, SCN 997

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