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TargetLynx datasets become read-only when saved across a network to a shared drive - WKB5788

Article number: 5788


  • The user chooses File > Save in TargetLynx and saves the QLD file to a remote file share. The file becomes read-only, and "(Read Only)" appears after the filename in the title bar. This may happen after the first save, or after the file has been saved a few times.


  • The user opens a QLD file that is located on a remote file share. The following error appears: "File opened read-only as it is currently locked by unknown user". TargetLynx displays "(Read Only)" after the filename in the title bar. This is an intermittent fault.


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • TargetLynx
  • QuanLynx


A software bug related to saving of the TargetLynx streamfile (lockfile)


You can avoid the issue by saving QLD files locally.

The inconvenience caused by the issue can be minimized by clicking Save only after all of the required changes have been made. Alternatively, use two filenames for the same dataset, and alternate saving between the two files. Click File > Save As, select the existing file, and click OK on the warning ("qld file already exists. Do you want to replace it?").

Once a QLD file is read-only, you can remove the lock in either of two ways:

1. Re-open the file (click File > Close, and then click File and select the file from the list).


2. Click File > Refresh, and then click File > Refresh again.


These faults are reproducible and are understood by software development.

To reproduce the issue seen when opening a QLD file, create two QLD files and save them on a shared drive. Open TargetLynx, keep the browser open, and alternate opening the two QLD files. After a few cycles, one of them will lock.

SCN 977 and subsequent SCNs for Desktop and Triple Quads will fix the defects.


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