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What are the Windows Default User name & Password login details for a Waters PC? - WKB5714

Article number: 5714


  • MassLynx PC
  • Workstation
  • Empower PC
  • LAC/E32
  • Lenovo computers


For PCs manufactured after April 2015:

Username = Administrator
Password = Serial number of the PC (Usually consists of capital letters and numbers), for example, S4DVD53

For PCs manufactured before April 2015:

Username = Administrator
Password = waters



Note: Logging into a local account on a Windows 7 machine may require entering in the username with the format of .\username.  For example:


PCs manufactured after April 2015 also include the following login:

Username = Waters

Password - Serial number of PC

Password: Serial number of the LAC/E (Make sure that the letters in the serial number are capitalized.)

Password for Windows 10 upgrades is the Dell serial number (Dell Service Tag). The Service Tag can be found in the BIOS and should be entered capitalized.



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