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Can Microsoft Windows updates be applied to MassLynx Acquisition PCs? - WKB4425

Article number: 4425


  • MassLynx
  • Microsoft Windows


We advise all customers to keep their MassLynx PCs secure by keeping them up to date with Windows patches. Updates should be installed carefully, in a controlled manner, and not when the instrument is acquiring data. Also, the customer should re-validate the system following any modification to the configuration of Windows, and report any issues to Waters. We recommend that you set the PC update policy to "Check for Updates but let me choose whether to download and install them". The Automatic Updating option should be switched off.

The Windows updates (also called hotfixes or security patches) that are tested with each new MassLynx Software Change Note (SCN) are listed in the relevant SCN Release Notes. We do not expect there to be any problems caused by the installation of tested Windows updates. However, if an update has not been tested, we cannot guarantee that it will not cause problems, either now or in the future.

The Waters hotfix policy is summarized in TechNoteTECN10008020 "Waters policy on Microsoft Hotfix testing with Waters software". Please note that the policy states that "Even if the hotfix has no issues in the limited testing at Waters, the validation of any particular installation of the software is the responsibility of the customer".

Windows XP:
Waters does not plan to test any new updates for Windows XP, because no new MassLynx SCNs will be released for Windows XP.


Note: We advise that the PC be backed up before any change to the configuration. If PC restore points are used, please note the following article:

Cannot open MassLynx raw data files after performing a roll-back to a system restore point



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