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Cannot open MassLynx raw data files after performing a roll-back to a system restore point - WKB10059

Article number: 10059


  • PC had a problem so rolled back the Operating System to an earlier system restore point.
  • Cannot open MassLynx raw data files (Chromatogram, spectrum, and so on) created before the roll-back.


  • Windows
  • MassLynx


The system restore removed all the .inf files from the MassLynx data folders.

System Restore looks for all *.inf files created or modified after the restore point and removes them. MassLynx raw data folders contain *.inf files such as _functns.inf and _extern.inf containing information on the devices and hardware operations. MassLynx needs these files to open the data.


  1. Before performing a roll-back, ensure that all data is backed up to a location not on the PC.
  2. If the roll-back was performed, recover the files by doing the following:
    -Acquire a data file using the same instrument conditions as the lost data file.
    -Copy all the *.inf files from the new raw data folder into the damaged folder.
    Note: Company SOPs must be followed.


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