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How to set integration parameters in QuanLynx or TargetLynx to drop a vertical line when integrating unresolved peaks - WKB4274

Article number: 4274


To integrate unresolved peaks by dropping a vertical line.


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • QuanLynx or TargetLynx


  1. Open the QuanLynx processing method (*.mdb).
  2. Click  to open the Integration Parameters page.
  3. Ensure that Apex Track Enabled is set to No. This activates standard integration.
  4. Set Balance to 10.
    Note: Balance is equivalent to "Join valleys if peaks resolve to" parameter in the chromatogram window integration parameters.
  5. Set Splitting to 50.
    Note: Splitting is equivalent to "Draw vertical if peaks resolved to" parameter in the chromatogram window integration parameters.
  6. Click  to open the User Defined page.
  7. Ensure that the retention time window is large enough to catch the slope of the other peak so the integration recognizes it as a peak and not a baseline.
  8. Save the QuanLynx processing method.
  9. Reprocess data.


The following graphic relates the standard integration parameters in QuanLynx/TargetLynx and the MassLynx Chromatogram window integration parameters in the Peak Detect Window.

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