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TargetLynx does not integrate some of the peaks in the method - WKB2423

Article number: 2423


  • Chromatographic peaks for compounds of interest are not integrated
  • Chromatographic peak for labeled internal standard is integrated
  • Both compounds elute at the same time.
  • The retention time for compounds of interest set in the method differs from the retention time of the peak in the chromatogram


  • MassLynx
  • TargetLynx


1. The predicted retention time for the compound of interest is incorrect in the TargetLynx method.

2. The retention time for the compound of interest has shifted due to changes in chromatography


1. Change the Predicted Retention Time value in the TargetLynx method manually to the correct retention time for the peak of interest

Reprocess the data from the sample list

2. Select the injection(s) to use for the automatic update of retention time by putting a cross in the Quan Reference column of the sample list and save. Reprocess the data from the sample list and select Update Method Times

update method times.PNG

Review the TargetLynx result and if peaks are integrated correctly now, export TargetLynx method to MassLynx project folder in Methdb for future use


You can use one or multiple injections to update method times by putting a X after one or multiple standard injections. If multiple injections are used, an average retention time will be used. Be careful not to include standards that are too low in concentration for good and reproducible detection of compound peaks.



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