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TargetLynx no longer quantitates samples - WKB2327

Article number: 2327


  • TargetLynx was working properly with existing methods, but now it will not process the data with the same TargetLynx method
  • Nothing is integrated in TargetLynx
  • The chromatogram cannot be opened from the sample list in the MassLynx window


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • TargetLynx


The data files are in a project other than the project that is currently open in MassLynx.

(The current project is identified at the top of the MassLynx window. It will say "MassLynx- [current project name]".)


  1. Browse to your data file in Windows Explorer (if you don't know where it is, do a search for [your file name].raw).
  2. In the MassLynx window, select file - > open project.
  3. Click "yes" to the warning message.
  4. Browse to the project_name.PRO folder that [your file name].raw was in. (Browse in the window on the right of the folder that holds your project folder, and then look in the window on the left for your project.)                                                                



5. Click "ok" once you select your project in the window on the left.

6. At the top of the MassLynx window it should say MassLynx - [your project name] - [current sample list name].

7. Open the sample list used to run your samples and highlight a sample that has been run (hit the number to the left of the file name) and select Chromatogram at the top of the sample list.

8. If the chromatogram for the data file in the sample list opens, TargetLynx should process without issue.



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