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For an eλ PDA in MassLynx, cannot set a wavelength of more than 500 nm - WKB19881

Article number: 19881


  • Cannot enter a wavelength of more than 500 nm, even though it is designed to go to 800 nm


  • ACQUITY UPLC PDA eλ Detector
  • MassLynx


The detector was not configured correctly in the inlet editor.

If you do not "scan for instruments" and select the correct instrument during setup, MassLynx uses the default instrument type (maximum wavelength 500 nm).


  1. Deconfigure the detector.
  2. Close the inlet editor.
  3. Reopen the inlet editor.
  4. Go to Tools > Instrument Configuration > Configure, and select the ACQUITY PDA.
  5. On the next page, click "Scan for instruments". Find your PDA and select it.

Doing this ensures that the correct instrument settings are loaded.

If you do not do the scan, the system "assumes" that the PDA is the default detector with a range to 500 nm.


The Instrument Control Software (ICS) is the same for ACQUITY UPLC PDA and ACQUITY UPLC PDA eλ detectors. MassLynx must recognize the detector as the extended-wavelength version to configure it correctly.

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