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How do I apply a correction factor in the calculations in TargetLynx? - WKB1948

Article number: 1948


When processing data, apply a correction factor to the calculated concentrations in TargetLynx.


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • TargetLynx


  1. There are two ways to apply a correction factor to the calculated concentrations in TargetLynx: apply it to the entire sample (all compounds), such as with a dilution factor, or apply it only to specific compounds in the method.
  2. To apply a correction factor to a sample, use the User Factor or User Divisor fields in the sample list. There are three User Factor columns and one User Divisor.
  3. The measured concentration in an Analyte or QC sample will be multiplied by any value in the User Factor column, or divided by the value in the User Divisor column.
  4. To apply a correction factor to an individual compound in a TargetLynx method, use the User Peak Factor field on the Calculations Factor page of the TargetLynx Method. The User Peak Factor applies only to Analyte and QC samples. It does not apply to Standards.


You might use User Factor/User Divisor to take into account dilution factors in the sample preparation or to convert results from concentration in the extract to concentration in extracted samples.

You might use User Peak Factor to compensate in cases where it is known that only a certain percentage of a compound is extracted or recovered.

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