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UV wavelength reported in OpenLynx browser is half the expected value - WKB1862

Article number: 1862


  • The extracted wavelength shown in the OA Browser is half the expected value—mismatch between method value and listed result.
    Example: Extracted UV trace is at 220 nm (as specified in the OLP method file), but browser and printout both show 110 nm.

    Seen in:
  • SCN 925 for ACQUITY QDa
  • SCN 930, SCN 962 and SCN 984 for SQD2 and Xevo TQD 
  • SCN 958 and SCN 967 for Xevo G2-XS QTOF
  • SCN 933 and SCN 963 for Xevo G2-S QTOF
  • SCN 920 for SQD Open Access


  • MassLynx
  • SQD
  • SQD2
  • Xevo TQD
  • Xevo QTof G2-XS
  • Xevo QTof G2-S
  • OpenLynx report, OA Login, OA Browser, Diversity Browser


Bug in software.
Display issue only—actual values are extracted correctly but annotated incorrectly.


  1. Fixed for ACQUITY QDa in SCN 954 (a patch for SCN 925)—part number SAP 667005382.
    Fix is also in later software. See article #4335, What is the latest version of MassLynx software to support the ACQUITY QDa?
  2. Fixed for SQD in SCN 951 (a patch for SCN 920)—part number SAP 667005362.
  3. Fixed for SQD2 in SCN 953, a patch for SCN 930  (be aware that Patch SCN 953 isn't visible in the Masslynx help or add/remove programs)
    Fixed for SQD2 and Xevo TQD in SCN 985 (as not working in SCN 962 and SCN 984).


PFD 19291 raised for the Xevo QTof G2-XS

PFD 19286 raised for the Xevo QTof G2-S

PFD 19525 raised for the SQD2 and Xevo TQD

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