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No results displayed in the TargetLynx browser - WKB1568

Article number: 1568


  • Only the sample name appears in the summary bar, no other results
  • Data appears in the chromatogram window when opened from the sample list
  • In some cases TargetLynx hangs (not responding)


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • TargetLynx 4.1


The transition values (m/z) listed in the MS method differ from that in the TargetLynx method.


Change the TargetLynx method to match exactly the transition in the MS method.

In the TargetLynx browser:

  1. Select View > Experimental record or click  to open the experimental record.
  2. Select Edit > Method to view the TargetLynx method.
  3. Compare the Quantification trace on the User Defined Properties page to the transition values in the experimental record. If the values are different, change the TargetLynx method to match the experimental record.
    Note: If you change the TargetLynx method from within the browser, and then reprocess within the browser, the changes will be saved for that data set only.

To change the TargetLynx method:

  1. Close the TargetLynx browser.
  2. From the main TargetLynx page, click Edit.
  3. Edit the Quantification trace on the User Defined Properties page to match the experimental record.
  4. Select File > Save As.


Note: To autofill the peak details into the TargetLynx method:

1. Open the MRM or MS chromatogram containing the compound of interest.

2. In the TargetLynx Method Editor, select the compound.

3. Click in the Quantification Trace box.

4. In the chromatogram window, right-click and drag across the peak of interest.

5. The MRM details and peak retention time are automatically filled into the TargetLynx method.


If the transition for an internal standard is incorrect TargetLynx will hang.

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