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How do I create a new sample list format in MassLynx? - WKB14988

Article number: 14988


To create specific MassLynx sample lists to use for different analysis types.


  • MassLynx 4.1


  1. Go to the main MassLynx page and click Samples.

2. Choose the Format option followed by Customize. (A Customize Field Display menu appears.)

3. Choose the title of the columns you want to see, as well as their position on the table, using the up and down arrow keys. In the following example, only the file name, sample ID, file text, MS File, and Inlet File columns will remain.

4.  Click OK to accept the changes. The sample list is now configured in this manner.


6.  To save this layout for future use, click Samples > Format > Save. (A Save Sample List Format window appears.)

8.   Name this sample list format file (otherwise known as the *.fmt file). Note: by default, the file is saved in the C:\MassLynx directory.

9.  A Summary Information window appears.

10.  Type a title and a description in the appropriate fields and click OK

11. To use this layout, click Samples menu > Format > Load, browse to the desired format file name, and click OK.


Note, the Name of the format file can be different from the Title. MassLynx shows you the available sample list formats to load by their Title name and not the Name you give for the actual *.fmt file. In the previous example, the file was called Kevin.fmt, but MassLynx displays this sample list choice as Example (see pictures in steps 9 and 11).  The Kevin.fmt is seen if you look via Windows Explorer under the C:\MassLynx directory (as shown here).

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