PLGS3.0.3 can export data in mxIdentML format, which is acceptable for PRIDE submissions.

Other versions of PLGS cannot export mzIdentML, and the PRIDE standard has been changed by EBI so that the data exported by our plug-in no longer complies with the standard.

  • PRIDE can accept results and data in both the Pride XML format and the mzIdentML format. See the PRIDE Archive ProteomeXchange guidelines.
  • From PLGS 3.0 onwards, a Pride export plug is supplied with PLGS.
  • However, the Pride plug-in in PLGS3.0 and PLGS3.0.1 never worked properly.
  • The Pride plug-in supplied with PLGS3.0.2 and PLGS3.0.3 did work properly until the European Bioinformatics Institute unilaterally made a change to the format that broke our plug-in.
  • Only PLGS3.0.3 can export data in the mzIdentML format.
  • Because it's possible to export to mzIdentML format in PLGS3.0.3, there are no plans to fix the Pride plug-in.
  • If users of earlier versions of PLGS need to submit data to the PRIDE archive, they must upgrade to PLGS3.0.3.