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Submitting samples via OALogin with a Sample Organizer, the vial position is assigned to a plate that is inside the Sample Manager - WKB10643

Article number: 10643


  • Error when submitting samples via OALogin with a Sample Organizer: OALogin directs you to a vial position that is inside the Sample Manager, instead of a free plate in the Sample Organizer
  • This means that the Sample Manager door must be opened while it may be trying to inject 
  • It is confusing when the plate is not in the Sample Organizer. Is it missing or is it in the Sample Manager?
  • Autosampler Pause is not disabled at OALogin Manager > Administration > Set Bed Layout


  • OALogin
  • MassLynx 
  • SQD2
  • QDa
  • Xevo TQD
  • ACQUITY Sample Manager with ACQUITY Sample Organizer


Software bug occurs in several situations.
1. Bug in software causes MassLynx not to check the vial location.

2. OALogin does not get a signal to check the current vial location:
    2.1 OALogin uses Single Page Login—there is no step to trigger the Autosampler Pause stage,  so the system assigns the location to the last known good position, even if this is now in the Sample Manager.
    2.2 The user logging in the samples has only one method they can use (assigned in the Group > Methods). Because the user does not select a method, the system does not receive a trigger signal.


  1. Fix:
    QDa in SCN 976 (click link for release notes)  Part number for SCN976 = 667005647

    SQD2 and Xevo TQD - Contact Waters

    SYNAPT - Will not be fixed
  2. Workaround:
    2.1 Use only the OALogin Wizard to log in samples (not Single Page Login).
    2.2 Assign more than one method to each user (so user must select a method when logging in a sample), even if the second method is a duplicate of the first.


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