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How are ID numbers in projects generated? - WKB50121

Article number: 50121


Did you ever wonder where the ID numbers for methods and results come from? Have you wondered why a method in project 1 has an ID number and when you copy it to project 2 it has a different ID number?

Well, metadata stored in the Oracle database behind Empower Software is assigned an ID number starting with 1000, incremented by 1 as new metadata are created irrespective of the type of object. Now, let’s translate that into something we can all understand. This means that ID 1000 could be an instrument method in project 1 and a processing method in project 2. Here are a couple of practical examples.


  • Empower


  1. Starting on the Methods tab in Browse Project, we see an instrument method called Alliance with an ID of 1115.


  1. Let’s right-click on the method and select Copy To Project.


  1. Let’s copy it to the Evaluation Project, which is a new project without any data or methods.


  1. If we go to the Methods tab of the Evaluation Project, we see the method has an ID of 1001 because that was the next available ID number in the destination project. 


  1. Back in our original project let’s select the Result Sets tab, right click on a Result Set and select View As, Results. 


  1. The Result Set has 6 results and we see the ID numbers for each Result are sequential starting at 1387 and ending at 1392. 



A couple of final notes:

  • ID numbers within a project are assigned as activity happens within that project. When I processed the Result Set there was no other activity in the project at that time. Therefore, the ID numbers of the 6 results are sequential.
  • Remember that if you copy something from one project to another that method or result will be assigned the next available ID in the destination project.

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