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How to export data in Breeze 2? - WKB950

Article number: 950


  • Breeze 2


  1. Create a folder on the C:/ drive named Breeze2ExportedData.
  2. Highlight the data to be exported.
  3. Right-click data and select Export.
  4. Use Specified Export Method and select the Export Method to use. (Breeze 2 user cannot create an export method, so there are only two to choose from).
  5. The data is exported to the C:\Breeze2ExportedData file that was created.
  6. Highlight the file, right-click, and select Open With.
  7. Then select Excel or other applications needed to open the file.


You cannot create Export methods in Breeze 2. Use the pre-formatted export methods from the Breeze 2 Defaults project folder.

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