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Data buffering on the LAC/E32 - WKB855

Article number: 855


  • Failed to Connect to Node
  • Cannot review data - message is "Data missing" in review window
  • Message Center shows errors - " Failed to recover sample set "


  • Empower Enterprise
  • Client server


Lost connection from LAC/E32 to the server while a Sample set was running


  1. Log into the LAC/E32 as an administrator
  2. Check to see if the connection to the Lace has been re-established (Log into Empower and look at the properties of the Node of the LAC/E32 in question)
  3. Navigate to the project directory on the LAC/E32 example C:\Empower\Instrumentserver\"System Name"\"Server Name"\"Project Name"\
  4. Are Data files present here ? And bigger than 1 KB ? Yes , then continue . If No, then they are aborted or empty injections.
  5. Check in System Monitor to make sure other users are not actively using any system on this LAC/E32
  6. Select Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services
  7. Right-click on WatersService and select stop
  8. Run the CMD (Command Prompt)
  9. Navigate to the Empower\Bin (at the prompt type in cd \Empower\Bin
  10. Type in and run the command: InstrumentServer -Recover
  11. Restart the Waters Service and give it about 15 minutes
  12. View the project directory to make sure that the .dat files are no longer there.
  13. Log into a Client and review the data.


Waters Data Buffering document 

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