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"Altered" check box shows as selected even when sample was not altered in Empower - WKB8432

Article number: 8432


  • The "Altered" check box shows as selected in Alter Sample even though no user altered that sample and the sample history is blank
  • For the sample that was altered, the "altered" check box shows as selected in Alter Sample, and the sample history states it was changed
  • The "save as current" function was used when saving the sample set method


  • Empower 2


PCS 53522 was opened for this issue. The details for PCS 53522 are below:

When you alter a sample set, Empower copies some specific changes to individual samples to the original sample set method. Normally, the altered sample set method is hidden, and is not accessible for new acquisitions. You can, however, unhide this historical method using the "Save As Current" feature. If you then use this sample set method to acquire a new sample set, the "Altered" check marks are erroneously carried forward to the samples collected in the newly acquired data set. This does not impact the sample history and check marks for these previously altered samples in the original sample set. Also, if the altered Sample Set Method is modified and "Saved As" a new Sample Set Method, then Sample Sets acquired using this new Sample Set Method will display the same behavior.


This issue is resolved in Empower 3 Feature Release 3. Please view the Empower 3 Feature Release 3 Release Notes.

Workaround: Avoid the use of the Save As function for sample sets. 



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