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How do I set the temperature for an Agilent Automatic Liquid Sampler (ALS) for an Agilent LC system? - WKB8250

Article number: 8250


Set the temperature for the ALS sampler.


  • Empower 3 Feature Release 1 Service Release 1
  • Agilent ICF 2.2


  1. When creating the system, in the Preconfiguration Utility, select "Thermostat installed" and "Thermostat controlled by method".
  2. Create the system and go to Run Samples, ensuring that the system is in an idle state.
  3. Right-click the Sampler tool and select Control.
  4. Set the thermostat to On.
  5. Under Thermostat Temperature Control, specify any temperature (do not leave set to Off).
  6. After setting these parameters, you may need to wait again for the instrument to become idle.
  7. If the system is idle, right-click the Sampler again and select Modify, Temperature Control.
  8. Select Variable Temperature Mode.
  9. Create an Instrument Method.
  10. Select Sampler in the instrument method and go to Configure. You should find that "Thermostat controlled by method" is already selected, so no changes are needed. If this is not the case, you may need to delete and recreate the system or reinstall the ICF.



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