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What is the field "RT Reference used to name unknown peaks by RRT"? - WKB793

Article number: 793


  • Empower 3 FR2 and higher


Type the name of the reference compound in "RT Reference" to use the retention time of this peak to calculate the RRT of an unknown analyte.

RRT is the relative retention time - the retention time (tR) relative to a reference peak in the chromatogram.

RRT= (retention time of analyte/retention time of reference).


This field can be used to help identify unknown (sometimes transient) peaks that appear in a chromatogram.

Type the compound name for a known peak in the RRT field (above the components table in the processing method). This analyte must be present in the injection.
Unknown/unnamed peaks in the injection have their retention time compared to the reference's retention time.
This information is used to name/identify the unknown/unnamed peaks in the peaks table.

relative retention time

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