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Running SQT, we see system is idle waiting for user in Run Samples window; after approximately two minutes, Server busy error appears - WKB78606

Article number: 78606


  • Server busy error running SQT Wizard
  • Running the SQT, samples sets "Run Only" does not give the error
  • May be localized to a lab or specific network locations
  • WAN
  • LAN
  • Possibly "Connection to Chromatography System Lost" error


  • Empower Enterprise
  • WAN
  • LAN
  • SQT


Increased latency or latency issues on the WAN network can cause processing to take a prohibitively long time. Testing has shown that even a latency of 10 ms can trigger the server busy error when running SQT. This is an issue especially when evaluating the data from the system readiness tests prior to continuing with further qualification tests.


  1. Run the SQT sample sets in Run Only mode.
  2. Process each sample set individually, after acquisition has completed using the acquisition method set.

The following procedure may also help.

  1. In the Run Samples window, select File > New Sample Set Method > Empty. 
  2. In the first line in the table, select Clear Calibration from the pull-down menu in the Function column and select any Method Set (e.g., Test Injections MS). 
  3. Click on the Green button in the toolbar or, from the Inject menu, select Run Sample Set. 
  4. Enter a Name for this sample set (e.g., ToRunSQT SS), select the Wait For User check box (ensure it is selected), enter a comment in the Comments box, and click Run. 
  5. A "Waiting For User" window appears; ignore this window for now (do not click anything in that window yet).
  6. From the File menu, select Qualify System and proceed to initiate running SQT as you normally would. 
  7. At the end of your setup, upon clicking Finish, your selected tests will appear in the Sample Sets tab of the Run Samples window, queued up after ToRunSQT SS. 
  8. Now return to the Waiting For User window and click the Continue button.
  9. From here, you proceed to run SQT as you normally would, clicking on the Continue button in the Waiting For User window to initiate the SQT tests.


PCS 53963

See service note


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